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A Grade Property Restoration

Owner(s) of this company:

Christian and Jon Licciardi

How long have you been in business and/or in Roxbury?

Since 2010, located in Roxbury since 2012 in three different locations. Currently own and operate from 111 Howard Blvd, previously Nordic Contracting building.

What do you do? Tell us about your company and what makes it special. 

We reduce fear and anxiety when disaster strikes your home. A GRADE Property Restoration specializes in working with homeowners and insurance companies to rebuild property damaged by fire, water, or storm damage. A GRADE prepares detailed estimates in special insurance estimating software, and then performs all repairs once approved. Flooded basement, tree falls on your house, kitchen fire… we are here to help! We also do environmental testing and remediate mold and asbestos.

How did you (personally) get into this line of work?

Third generation property restorers. The owners used to work for their father, who worked for their grandfather. The desire to help those in their time of need runs deep in our family, and shows in our line of work and affiliated charity organizations. I started sweeping job sites with push brooms at 14 years old and was eventually promoted to loading dumpsters with construction debris. Over the years I became a carpenter, a painter, project manager, estimator, general manager and now owner with my twin brother.

Why did you choose Roxbury? What makes Roxbury a great place to do business?

The most convenient place to work and live! There are a lot of small business owners in town who go out of their way to support other small business owners, from pizzerias to bagel shops, and car repair facilities. In addition to the variety of mom and pop stores, there is a booming commercial element with big name stores that makes shopping for clothes, groceries, and exercising quick and easy. Roxbury is close to major highways making transportation to the Poconos, down the shore, or to NYC very easy. The town Chamber is very supportive of small businesses, especially those who are starting and growing their roots in town. Roxbury is an amazing place to live and I wanted to operate my business close to home and get involved with the town through service organizations both through our business and personally.

What would you say to prospective business owners out there contemplating coming to Roxbury?

We welcome you! Roxbury is a great place to work because you have a large labor pool in Morris and Sussex counties, easy access to major roadways, and convenient shopping before, during, and after work. We have a vibrant EDC, supportive Chamber, and lots of stuff happening around town through many service organizations. Our building department is very friendly and easy to navigate, and the community supports you.

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