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Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation

Suburban Engineers

The Economic Development Committee is a very active committee made up of local business owners and long-term residents.  Councilmen Behrens, Crowley, and Zoschak serve as  Liaisons to the committee.  

  • One initiative of our Committee is to recognize businesses that demonstrate a commitment to invest in the Township, create employment opportunities, and assist with the beautification of the Township.  
  • Today, we recognize four local businesses that exemplify that commitment.

Black Rock Plaza

  • Mr. Rod Donnelly of Donnelly Construction met with the Economic Development Committee approximately two years ago regarding his vision for the old IGA Market location on Route 46 in Kenvil.  He invited the Committee’s input as to the Township’s vision for that property.  
  • His construction company invested considerable resources to renovate the existing 26,000 square foot building with a new facade, enhanced landscaping, and created a safe and attractive shopping center, which has revitalized the corner of Route 46 and Berkshire Valley Road.
  • The shopping center offers a fitness center, laundry mat, convenience store and a daycare facility.
  • It is a very attractive establishment, which furthers the beautification of Route 46.
  • [Read Certificate] and present to Rod Donnelly (President) Chris Donnelly.

KPM Exceptional

  • KPM Exceptional and its related companies have roots in Roxbury Township having operated here for nearly 60 years.
  • The Company is a leading distributor of over 15 brands of outdoor power equipment, accessories, and repair parts.
  • Steve Reden and his team have grown the company from selling a lawnmowers to local businesses to now serving dealers of power equipment from Maine to Virginia.
  • KPM had operations in several states.
  • It decided to consolidate their regional offices in Roxbury.
  • The company built a $100,000 square foot building off of Frontage Road and Lenel Road to serve as its headquarters and to house their wholesale business.  They even installed their own entrance drive called “Exceptional Way.”
  • Not only is the facility beautiful and environmentally-friendly, but it allowed the company to retain its employees that are local to the area, and created new jobs.
  • KPM is truly an exceptional company, and we are very appreciative it calls Roxbury home.
  • [Present Certificate to Steve Reden (Founder and Chairman), Dan Nixon (KPM Realty Managing Member, Glenn Geyerl (President)]

Morris Canal Shopping Center

  • The Morris Canal Shopping Center on Route 46 is most widely recognized as the home of Outback Steakhouse, Howard’s Cleaners, and Arrangements Spa.  It is also the home location for RoNetco, which operates their Shoprite Management offices in the rear of the building.
  • RoNetco has a long history of community support, which is very much appreciated.  
  • They recently improved their office facility with an addition in the rear of the building.
  • They also made considerable façade improvements to the shopping center, and installed attractive landscaping, lighting, and signage to make the site very inviting to the public.
  • The shopping center is truly eye catching, and is a treasure for our community.
  • [Present Certificate to David Romano]

Suburban Consulting Engineers

  • Suburban Consulting Engineers took a project on Route 206 North that had been abandoned and re-engineered the site and relocated their engineering business to Roxbury Township.  
  • The impressive improvements to their interior and exterior of the building are an advertisement as to how a site can be enhanced with their professional expertise.  
  • Their office is very attractive and meticulously maintained, which is evident to all those who visit their location or even are passing by on Route 206.
  • They installed a pavilion with a barbeque area for their employees, extensive landscaping and even an interior living wall garden.  
  • They did so to create a place for their employees to not only work in Roxbury, but to also feel at home in Roxbury.  We thank them for chosing to make Roxbury their home.
  • [Present the award to Andrew Holt, CEO and Executive VP, Reyna Burger, Operations Manager]. 

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