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Roxbury Woman’s Club – nonprofit spotlight!

Non-profits and service organizations are part of what makes Roxbury such a wonderful place to live. Roxbury is all about community and compassion. When someone is in need, the town works together to give them a hand up back on their feet. This is why in addition to businesses, we’re also spotlighting local organizations that contribute something meaningful to Roxbury Township.

Q: How long have you been in around and/or operating in Roxbury?

We were founded in 1959 and have been serving the community for 64 years

Q: What do you do? Tell us about your company and what makes it special.

We’re artists, moms, lawyers, realtors, bookworms, business women, retirees, entrepreneurs, adventurers, foodies, teachers, students, crafters, sports enthusiasts, young and not as young. If you’d like to make a difference, there’s a place for you in the Roxbury Woman’s Club.

Founded in 1959, we serve Roxbury and the surrounding communities by volunteering, raising funds, and reaching out to others while experiencing lifelong learning and friendships. We make a difference through service to others. In our early years, we sponsored the creation of the Roxbury Township Library, the Roxbury Blood Bank, the Roxbury Art Association, Friends of the Library, the Day Care Center and the Senior Citizens’ Club.

Cooperating with other local organizations, we helped to organize the Dialysis Center (the first in this area); the establishment of the Glass Recycling Program and our Town’s Recreation Department. Today, we continue to provide monetary support and/or volunteer hours to our Township Library, Roxbury Social Services, Roxbury Schools (scholarships), CCM, Blood Drives and a host of township, county and state and national organizations listed on our website. These include organizations that assist veterans and victims of domestic violence.

We are currently interacting and working with many of the township’s non-profits and are constantly looking to increase our presence in the community. Please follow us on Facebook and check out our website. We are excited that we have increased our membership in the last year and stand ready to expand our service activities.

Last year, we sponsored or participated in 255 projects, with 6,800 volunteer hours, and donated a total of $27,000 dollars, including both cash and in-kind donations from both our club and community members. We continue to host fundraising activities to fund the needs of our community. Donations are always welcome.

Q: How did you (personally) get involved with the Woman’s Club?

I (Judy Molnar, co-president) began volunteer work when my children were young, looking for a way to give back to my community. In the business world, I entered the service industry, looking to help others and provide “above expectations” service. When I joined the Roxbury Woman’s Club, I found dedicated group of women constantly looking to support and serve those in need in Roxbury and the surrounding communities.

Q: Why did you choose Roxbury? What makes Roxbury a great place to do business?

The founding members of our club, lived in Roxbury and saw a need for the institutions and programs mentioned in our summary. Then, they went about sponsoring these institutions and making them a reality. So, I guess you can say, Roxbury found them. Today, Roxbury is a thriving community with excellent schools, library, parks, sports recreations and arts organizations. There are a variety of businesses here, both locally owned and national chains.

Q: What would you say to prospective business owners out there contemplating coming to Roxbury?

Roxbury residents support both family owned and larger commercial businesses. The businesses here support the community, including organizations like ours which are looking to give back to the community and support those in need. We thank all of the businesses that have supported our efforts. Roxbury’s location is perfect for businesses as it is a thriving community which those throughout the county can access from many major highways. Businesses in Roxbury benefit from patronage by our residents as well as those within an easy commute to the township.

The Roxbury Woman’s Club is a nonpartisan, non-denominational, non-profit, 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization. Our club is a member of The New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs which is the largest volunteer women’s service organization in the state.

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