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Small businesses are the life blood of any community. Small businesses hire locally, give back locally, and are a vital part of our community fabric. Thank you for your commitment to Roxbury!

Brick and Mortar?
Category: Landscaping
Location Type: Brick and Mortar
A full service landscaping and snow removal company, servicing northern and central New Jersey for over 20 years. FGM, a fully insured company, pri...
Category: Restaurant
Location Type: Brick and Mortar
Bryan's Luncheonette is a mom & pop diner full of delicious food and nice people.
Category: Marina
Location Type: Brick and Mortar
Lake’s End Marina provides everything you need for a fun filled day on the water, from bait and tackle to boat rentals. Our fully stocked store off...
Category: Nonprofit
Location Type: Brick and Mortar, Online
Mission Statement We enhance the quality of life in the Roxbury community by connecting people to each other, to diverse collections, and to transf...

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